A Comprehensive BIM Glossary for Manufacturers and Specifiers

3D Modelling - A computerised process of developing a digital representation of a building or any physical asset in three dimensions.

4D Scheduling - The process of integrating BIM data with project schedules.

As-built Model - A BIM model that reflects the actual construction of a building or facility, capturing any deviations from the original design.

BIM - Building Information Modelling is an advanced technology that allows the creation of a digital model of a building or structure, complete with its physical and functional attributes.

BIM Object - A digital representation of building components or systems designed to be incorporated into a larger BIM model.

Clash Detection and Resolution - Identifying and resolving conflicts between building elements in a BIM model.

Classification - The categorisation of a BIM object according to a defined classification system, such as UniClass or Omniclass.

Classification System - A system for categorising building elements in a BIM model.

COBie - Construction Operations Building Information Exchange is a standard format for exchanging building information data, including BIM objects.

Compatibility - The ability of a BIM object to work seamlessly with other BIM objects and software programs.

Data Exchange - The process of sharing BIM data between different software programs and systems.

Federated Model - A BIM model that combines multiple discipline-specific models.

Geometry - The shape and size of a BIM object, defined by mathematical equations and algorithms.

IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) - A standardised file format for exchanging BIM data.

Laser Scanning - The process of capturing existing building data for use in a BIM model.

LOD Specification - A document that defines the development level required for each BIM model element.

Manufacturer Data - Information about the manufacturer of a BIM object, such as contact details, product codes, and technical support.

Material Properties - The characteristics of a material used in a BIM object, such as colour, texture, strength, and durability.

Parametric Modeling - A type of modelling that uses parameters to define and manipulate elements in a BIM model.

Performance Characteristics - The functional properties of a BIM object, such as acoustic performance, fire resistance, and thermal conductivity.

Point Cloud - A set of data points that represent the geometry of a building or facility.

Product Data - Information about the specific product represented by a BIM object, such as dimensions, weight, and installation instructions.

Quantity Surveying and Takeoff - Two processes that work together to estimate the cost of construction using BIM data.

Quantity Takeoff - Measuring and quantifying materials and components in a BIM model.

Revit Family - A collection of BIM objects with similar properties and behaviours in a BIM model created using Revit software.

Solibri - A software program for model checking and coordination in BIM projects.

Sustainability Analysis - The process of evaluating the environmental impact of a building or facility by analysing BIM data.

Template - A predefined set of settings and parameters used to create a new BIM object.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) - The use of BIM technology to create a virtual model of a building or structure and simulate its construction process.

Visualisation - Creating 2D or 3D representations of a BIM object for communication and presentation purposes.

Workset - A subset of a BIM model that can be worked on independently by a team member.

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A Comprehensive BIM Glossary for Manufacturers and Specifiers

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Are you looking for a comprehensive glossary of BIM terms? Look no further! The BIM Glossary for Manufacturers and Specifiers is here to help you understand the world of Building Information Modelling. Access this invaluable resource and elevate your BIM knowledge today!