5 reasons why specifiers should use bimstore

bimstore has been the go-to BIM library for architects, engineers and designers for over ten years but why should specifiers use bimstore over other platforms? 

We understand that specifiers work using a well-defined process therefore it is our job to ensure that we facilitate it as best as we can by making it as seamless as possible. 


1. Easy to find BIM content 

bimstore makes it simple to find what you are looking for; we have even been referred to as the Google of BIM objects. Once you land on our homepage you are greeted with a full-screen search bar that allows you to search for BIM content instantaneously. We also have a very powerful smart search engine that uses an algorithm to display appropriate content whilst you are typing and before you even hit ‘enter’. Pretty smart? 

2. High-quality content 

All of the BIM content hosted on bimstore is built to the highest quality possible. We have a team made up of qualified Architectural Technicians with a wealth of BIM project experience, so they have the perfect understanding of how content is used in practice. We believe this gives us an insight into the needs of specifiers, enabling us to build more usable content with the end user in mind. All content is approved by the manufacturer before it goes live whilst also adhering to UK and international standards. 

3. Provide all the required information 

When downloading BIM content from bimstore, you also have the option to download any accompanying literature such as installation guides, product and technical datasheets, maintenance guides and other product literature. 

4. Download in seconds 

It is extremely quick and easy to download BIM content from our platform. Once you have logged in and found the product you are looking for using our search engine, your objects are only two clicks away. Save time by selecting multiple objects on our ‘browse’ page and downloading them all at once rather than individually. 

5. Simple interface 

When designing our website, we wanted to make sure that it is intuitive and easy to use allowing specifiers to easily navigate their way around and find the products and information that matters to them most, as and when they need it. 

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