• Product: URSA HOMETEC ROLL 40
  • Product: URSA HOMETEC ROLL 40
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URSA HOMETEC ROLL 40 is a lightweight, non-combustible, unfaced glass mineral wool product. The thermal conductivity of URSA HOMETEC ROLL 40 is 0.040 W/mK.

Features and benefits:

  • Global warming potential - Ursa Hometec Cladding Roll does not use chemical blowing agents so the Global Warming Potential (GWP) arising from it is zero.
  • Insulation savings - It is possible to meet the Building Regulation requirement with 180 mm of URSA HOMETEC ROLL 40
  • User friendly - Ursa Terramineral wool has a ‘soft touch’ feel making it easier to handle and install whilst still maintaining its mechanical properties.
  • Cost effective - Rapid and simple construction means this is a cost effective way of insulating new buildings or upgrading existing ones.
  • Acoustics - URSA HOMETEC ROLL's sound insulation characteristics enhance the acoustic comfort of the building.
  • Environment - URSA mineral wool is manufactured from an abundant, sustainable resource and utilises up to 73% glass waste.
  • UKCA/CE marked.
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