Slimline 300

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The Slimline 300 is a high-efficiency, low profile MVHR unit to deliver exceptionally low energy consumption, low noise levels and innovative features.

Key Features

  • Mechanical Summer By-Pass (Benefiting from a temperature controlled integral mechanical summer by-pass as standard.)
  • Wireless (Available with wireless remote control .)
  • 2 Year Warranty (High quality products for peace of mind, saving time, money and hassle.)
  • EC Motor (Incorporates a powerful backward curved EC motor.)
  • Frost Protection (An intelligent frost protection system prevents the heat exchange from freezing when cold outside.)

Perfect For Restricted Space

The high-efficiency EnviroVent Slimline 300 is ideal for ceiling mounted applications such as care homes and student accommodation to provide optimum ventilation. It can also be wall mounted using the supplied brackets.

With a height of just 310mm on the Slimline 300, the low profile and compact design is perfect for installations where space is restricted.

The Slimline 300 unit has a maximum airflow rate of 300 m3/h and a high thermal efficiency heat exchanger up to 92% to improve indoor air quality and deliver optimum comfort. A ‘Plus’ version is also available featuring additional connection options such as a CO2 sensor.

Passive House Certified

The Slimline 300 is Passive House certified and manufactured with the latest energy-saving technology. The Passive House concept is the only internationally recognised, performancebased energy standard in construction.

Constant Flow Control

The ‘constant flow’ technology ensures maximum efficiency and that the commissioned airflow rate is always delivered despite any resistance encountered in the ductwork or filters. The ‘constant flow control’ system also enables commissioning to be carried out much quicker and more easily, saving on installation costs.

Silent and Low Energy

There are a number of factors why the Slimline 300 is so quiet. Engineered with aerodynamic fans to run at lower rates enables noise to be reduced and minimalized. In addition, the unit has been designed with a larger heat exchanger, which minimises resistance to deliver exceptionally quiet running.

Control Options

The Slimline 300 comes as standard with a control module that can be used to adjust the basic settings and air flow rates. The built-in timer function can be used to set the ventilation rate per day/week/weekend. Additionally, one or more 4-way switches, wireless RF controls or a humidity sensor may be installed.

Frost Protection

An intelligent frost protection system based on temperature and pressure prevents the heat exchanger from freezing when it is very cold outside. An external pre-heater is also available for the Slimline 300.

Standard Bypass

The appliances come as standard with a 100% bypass for use when it is warm outside and heat recovery is not desired. The bypass is controlled fully automatically on the basis of the measured indoor and outdoor temperatures.

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SL300Slimline 300Standard unit with intelligent control panel
SL300PSlimline 300 PLUSPLUS version with intelligent control panel


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