Resin Driveway In-Ground Lighting

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Our in ground IP67 LED lighting is a completely waterproof solution for outdoor use, designed to be recessed into resin driveways and concrete allowing for flush linear lighting that can be walked and driven over once installed

The system has been designed in two parts, the first part allows the aluminium channel to be inserted into the driveway resin or concrete on an existing driveway or while the driveway / patio is being constructed, the aluminium channel is bedded on to mortar or in concrete channel which conceals the electrical cables. 

Being modular the system is purchased in 1 metre sections, the profiles are then butted together to form an almost seamless appearance allowing multiple lengths to be placed together to form continuous runs 

Once the resin or concrete has been finished the lighting can be pressed into position and terminated into the electrical connections

The design of the product allows for the client to create limitless shapes and accents for endless design capabilities.

Being IP67 recessed in ground LED strip lighting is resistant to most cleaning products, including chlorine and salt water. IK10 meets the anti-theft requirements and damage resistant.

Our entire lamp with the ground base has passed the pressing resistant of 3000kg test to enable the product to be installed into the driveways.

We can provide the system in various colour temperatures, and RGB colour changing with the addition of a controller to add Amazon Alexa control or Google home assistance with third party hardware

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Accompanying literature

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