P Series - Perforated Face Diffusers

  • Product: P Series - Perforated Face Diffusers
  • Product: P Series - Perforated Face Diffusers
  • Product: P Series - Perforated Face Diffusers
  • Product: P Series - Perforated Face Diffusers
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Colman’s P Series range of perforated face diffusers have been designed to provide an attractive and flexible solution to a wide variety of air distribution requirements. A centrally mounted deflection plate, on supply diffusers, ensures the square ceiling diffusers provide horizontal air patterns in one, two, three or four way configurations without altering the diffuser’s outward appearance. When supplied without deflection plates they are suitable for return air applications. The horizontal air pattern provides complete air discharge around the diffuser periphery including the corners, and the entrainment pattern minimises ceiling smudging.

The diffusers are offered in four styles, the PT which has no outer frame and is suitable for lay in T bar ceilings, the PS for surface mounting, the PR for recessed mounting and the PX for threadline ceilings. All frames are manufactured from high quality aluminium extrusions with perforated steel face plates. Air discharge pattern blades can be altered on site to modify the diffuser configuration without removal of the unit from its mounting on all models except for PT units.

Diffusers are available with square or circular spigots with opposed blade dampers for the former and key operated flap dampers for the latter. All dampers and spigot conversions are made from galvanised steel and dampers are adjustable from the face of the diffuser. Return air diffusers are supplied as standard without a backplate or damper but these can be fitted if required.

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