NVHR 900+ Heater Natural Ventilation with Heat Recycling

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The incorporation of a heater into the NVHR system allows room pre-heating, and enhanced control over the temperature of air being delivered to the space during occupancy. The combined LTHW heating and ventilation unit means the two services are integrated and optimised for the most efficient use of heating and electrical energy.

The low energy heating and mixing ventilation system makes the most of free internal heat gains to temper incoming fresh air in winter, while also providing:

• Frost protection

• Pre-occupancy space heating

• Enhanced control over delivered air temperature

• Quick-response heating compared to other heating methods

• Avoidance of over-supplying heat to the space

• Negates requirement for other sources of heating in the room

• Integral controller and Temp/CO2 sensors

• Set-points adjustable via BMS

• Automatic operation with user override

• Winter mixing

• Summer boost

• Automatic summer night cooling

The system typically works as a single unit in small offices, multiple units in large offices and a standard pair of units in typical school classrooms.


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