Namo Varanasi Dwar Watayan (Single Leaf swapable shutters Indian Door)

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Nested SL Door
Nested door having 2 door frames & 4 door panel choice. Wooden frame can be single or double rebate. Most params are Shared Parameters. If you do'nt need ventilator- simply set the vent Ht to zero. Solid flush door can be conveted to stile n rail panel door by using mould thickness. Multi lite door can be 1V x1H to 10v x 4H lites of glass or other solid material. There is a extra frame(2ndry frame) arroun multi lites, who's width can be zero if you do'nt need it by setting Stile panel offse and rail panel offset to zero. Each & every elements have seperate material params. etc. etc. Side window frames can be shown also using side window eidths. One can make more than 100 types of doors with this . Contriver Lallan Ji

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