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Breccia is an exclusive architecturally refined concrete paver featuring a top layer of carefully selected stone aggregates.

This top layer is produced in four grain sizes of aggregate, making it extremely durable and less prone to general fading. Its natural, water-etched appearance means Breccia is particularly suited to prestigious projects.

Breccia is also available in CERO, which uses Geopolymer Technology which replaces cement as the binding agent in production, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70% over normal cement products.

Key Features

  • 100% natural stone surface
  • Four grain sizes of aggregate to create a ‘seamless’ surface
  • Etched with high water pressure

This is ultra refined architectural paving with 100% pure aggregate, with no sand, to maximise colour fastness and non fading top layer. The cultured surface is composed of a 4 aggregate size mix which provides the surface impact. The cultured top layer is a real water washed surface thereby retaining the aggregate form and not crushing the surface and thereby provides a market unique stone realistic surface.

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