Green Compact Radiator

  • Product: Green Compact Radiator
  • Product: Green Compact Radiator
  • Product: Green Compact Radiator
  • Product: Green Compact Radiator
  • Product: Green Compact Radiator
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If you’re looking to make more sustainable choices and help do your part for the environment, look no further than our Green Series radiator range. Providing the same great performance you’ve come to expect from Stelrad radiators, Green Steel is the next generation of radiators that are manufactured using renewable energy, not coal or gas, to help reduce CO2 emissions at source. Using zero plastic for its packaging, each radiator in this range will contribute towards lowering emissions, something we feel very strongly about at Stelrad as part of our ongoing sustainability commitments.

What makes the Green Series different is the process used to make them – Optemis Carbon Lite.  This process by Tata Steel significantly lowers CO2 emissions at source, making it possible to have 90% Green Steel for these radiators. This is verified independently to ensure it meets these standards, with the steel receiving a Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certification to prove it has been produced this way.

The great thing about the Green Series range is that our customers can contribute directly to a reduction in atmospheric CO2 with every purchase. This goes for today and the future, helping the industry move towards 100% green energy. With all revenues generated from sales of Optemis Carbon Lite reinvested to fund additional projects, you’ll be actively contributing to decarbonisation efforts in the UK.

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