Bitumen & Single Ply Roof Drain - Gravity - 408.101

  • Image of Gravity Roof Drain 408.101
  • Image of Gravity Roof Drain 408.101
  • Image of Gravity Roof Drain 408.101
  • Image of Gravity Roof Drain 408.101
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BLÜCHER® Drain Roof is a range of rainwater outlets and accessories. The roof drains which can be used for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane, are suitable for gravity and siphonic applications and when combined with BLÜCHER® EuroPipe stainless steel push-fit pipework system provide a complete stainless steel roof drainage system.

This Download Contains the BLÜCHER® Roof Drain - Gravity - 408.101 System with all parts and size.

Select the product(s) based on outside (visible) dimension, flow rate, and / or item number, to upload in your project.

System                   : Gravity

Connections        : 75, 110, 125, 160 mm

Outlet                     : Vertical

Membrane type : Bitumen and Single ply

Products                : 408.101.075, 408.101.110, 408.101.125, 408.101.160

BLÜCHER offers to carry out flow calculations and suggest design of the roof drainage system for projects with BLÜCHER® Drain Roof and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe. Enquiries can be submitted through,  call BLÜCHER at tel. +45 99 92 08 00 or the contact person on the front page of this download.

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