Glidevale Protect G range slate and tile ventilators

  • Product: G range slate and tile ventilators
  • Product: G range slate and tile ventilators
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Glidevale Protect profile dedicated G range slate ventilators are designed to ventilate through the roof slope and form an integral part of the roof covering. The low-profile cowl provides 20,000mm² nett free ventilation area is geometrically the smallest available in the marketplace for the air capacity, projecting only 85 mm above the roof surface. 

G Range ventilators can be used at low level or high level where the roof construction does not allow eaves or ridge ventilators to be used, alternitivly they can be used as terminals for soil vent stacks or mechanical extract ventilation ducts.

Key profile

  • Plain Tile
  • Slate Tile

Features & benefits

  • Range of ventilation areas from 10,000mm²/m to 20,000mm²/m.
  • The smallest, least obtrusive cowls available for the air capacity.
  • A choice of house colours, as standard, to blend in with adjacent tiles or slates.
  • Colour matching service for unusual tiles and slates, specials and old weathered tiles and slates.
  • Simply installed as part of the normal slating/tiling process.
  • Vents are easily converted into terminals for soil vent pipes or mechanical extracts with the use of a GV110 adapter.
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