Dry Silo Mortar

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EN ISO 23386






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Manufactured under a 3rd party accredited factory production control system, the CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar system uses the latest technology to provide you with a convenient mortar batching facility, with guaranteed colour and consistency. The factory produced dry silo mortars offer clean, efficient production with reduced wastage and increased productivity on site. The system also reduces manual handling and the risk of injury in production, for improved health and safety.

  • Convenient mortar delivery and batching system
  • Guaranteed colour and consistency
  • Reduced wastage and increased productivity
  • Controlled workability, for use in all brick and block laying applications
  • Design mixes to BS EN 998-2:2003

Consistency and quality
CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar is made up of precisely weighed materials to produce the best quality mortar. Prepared in purpose built production units, the mortar has a guaranteed strength content and controlled air content. The system also accurately monitors the addition and mixing of pigments, for consistent colour throughout the mix. Masonry mortars are manufactured to the requirements of BS EN 998-2 and are registered under the CE marking scheme.

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