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  • Product: Balanced Hues
  • Product: Balanced Hues
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Balanced Hues is the perfect blend of vintage and modern, style and strength

Inspired by characteristic British tweed, Balanced Hues instantly invokes that same timeless classic feel. This modern flooring twist on a stylish fashion fabric adds a touch of the upper classes to any space. With Balanced Hues, you can practically smell the warm fires, hearty cup of tea or tasty scones coming from its fibres. And the best part? Balanced Hues was created using the same colour bank as IVC Commercial Art collections, meaning it can be combined to your heart’s content.

Colour overview 

The Balanced Hues designs consist of two contrasting, yet complementary tones. Because we wanted to include an option for every taste, we offer both a strong base of warm and cool tones as well as a selection of contrasting vibrant colours.

Why choose Balanced Hues? 

Balanced Hues is the perfect blend of vintage and modern, style and strength. Incorporating this carpet tile collection will truly set your project apart.

Experiment with a variety of colours & textures

Each design consists of a combination of two contrasting yet tone-in-tone yarns, offering a strong base of both warm and cool colours ranging from neutral to vibrant. The best part? The entire collection can be mixed and matched with our Art collections, as they are all based on the same yarn bank.

Pushing the limits of performance

Balanced Hues is fully in line with market requirements, with a class 33 end-use classification. The collection adheres to EN 1307, the European standard which specifies the practical requirements for carpet tiles. Balanced Hues is also fire retardant, obtaining the highest possible score for textile floor coverings: Bfl-s1.

A striking sense of sustainability

We don’t like waste. That’s why all our yarn is made with 40% recycled content and our backing includes up to 70% recycled materials, enabling your projects to be even more sustainable and futureproof.


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