Apollo Recycled Glass Worktops

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Apollo Recycled Glass Worktops

The UK’s first commercially manufactured worksurface of its kind. Apollo Recycled Glass is a stunning quartz-based (20%) material, which features 70% chipped and powdered glass crystals.

Benefitting from crystal sizes up to five times those found in Quartz worksurfaces, this material has a unique depth of character. Proven success in the UK retail sector led to the range growing to six colours, all of which are available for selection.

This material has been featured on UK television, and is chosen time and time again by consumers for its’ beauty. Samples can be provided by the manufacturer, Sheridan.


About Apollo Recycled Glass Worktops

Apollo Recycled Glass is composed of 70% Recycled Glass, giving a unique depth of texture as light refracts throughout the glass surface crystals. Crushed and powdered glass fragments beneath each crystal offer a glistening dimension unseen in any other kind of surface. This is truly a luxury worktop that must be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.

Features of Apollo Recycled Glass
  • Distinct Quartz aesthetic, with a transparency of shards completely unique to the Apollo Recycled Glass range
  • 30mm thick Worktops, with 20mm Upstands and Splashbacks
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain, does not require sealants or waxes.
  • Uniform in appearance
  • Stain & Heat Resistant (but not heat proof)
  • Hygienic, non-porous surface
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