Five reasons manufacturers need to invest in BIM

For a manufacturer, investing in BIM can look like an expensive and daunting journey. We're here to squash that myth and give you the facts about why BIM is just as imoprtant for you, as it is your customers. 

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It's easier than you think

Building BIM objects really isn't that much of a big deal, we'll even help you get started for free. Why? Well, as specifiers ourselves we know that creating BIM objects of your products gives us an easier, quicker and more accurate way of specifying your content every day.


Connect directly with thousands of specifiers

With the right BIM content you can be a part of an innovative future that's here to stay. BIM is no longer the buzz word of tomorrow, but the practicing method for specifiers here, today.


Government requirements

In 2011, a government mandate was introduced in the UK requesting that all projects must be delivered in level 2 BIM. Your products need to be digital, to meet these requirements and be specified in the final model. 

After the Grenfell disaster, the Hackitt Report recommended that there be a golden thread of digital information. Following the report, a consultation paper has been issued and all high rise residential buildings will need digital information of their building by law.


Keep up with the competition

Manufacturers all over the world understand that BIM objects are now a must. Those without objects are at risk of being left behind by the next generation of digital natives who don't know any other way. But don't worry about buying expensive software to make adjustments to your models. You can do it in your own manufacturer area right here, on bimstore.


Show customers you care

We'll make sure you cut costs and generate qualified sales leads every day with our range of services. From content creation to AR/VR services and targetted marketing solutions. Why would your customers argue with the right product, in the right format, that works first time, every time?


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