Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

Account Director at bimstore

Manchester, United Kingdom

I have years of experience working closely with construction product manufacturers from all industries advising them through the various stages of their BIM journey. My favourite thing about Bimstore is that it's truly unique, it's a collaborative and social design community of construction product manufacturers, and specifiers of all kinds. We listen to the needs of our members and use that feedback to drive our development. Connect with me and let me know what you like about Bimstore, what you would like to see more of, or any suggestions for improvement too!

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Paul Quinn

Posted 18.01.2019

Thanks to everyone who made it to the launch of Bimstore 4.0 last night. Looking forward to connecting, engaging, sharing and collaborating


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Posted 18.01.2019 by Paul Quinn

We all know about some of the more established exhibitions in the UK and globally, but which ones have you come across that you think are up and coming?

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