Martyn Ryder

Martyn Ryder

CEO at The Solid Wood Flooring Company

Tetbury, UK

Manufacturers of engineered wood flooring, composite decking and rigid luxury vinyl flooring. We are proud to offer World Class wood flooring designs that are Manufactured by our expert team of craftsmen. We have worked closely with Architects and Interior Designers to provide advice on hardwood flooring projects for a number of years developing specialist flooring ranges. We have now added a Designer rigid luxury vinyl range with a textured surface. Through our expertise in manufacturing the finest wood floors for a wide range of different environments, we have produced a series of useful resources and information on every element of wood flooring for Architects which you can find in the Technical Library on the web site. A large number of our products have evolved from Architect and Designers Specifications where we have been asked to manufacture a particular wooden floor to a very specific design. If we do not have the wood floor or Vinyl floor you require in our range we can manufacture your specific needs providing you meet the minimum m2 requirement.

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