Aaron Knox

Aaron Knox

Managing Director at Blinkio

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Aaron is obsessed with all things digital, encouraging innovation within the studio and working out how clients can best benefit from his in-depth industry know-how. When he’s not barking orders or solving technical conundrums, you’ll find him inspiring clients with visions of how he can revolutionise their brand. With a knack for bringing out the best in people, Aaron is popular with clients and staff alike, and he’s always there to make sure everything’s running smoothly in the studio! Aaron is an industrious North East entrepreneur with over ten years experience in the technology market. Having done business with large and small organisations across the globe, Aaron has had the pleasure of working with well known brands in addition to offering his expertise to help start-ups succeed. With a wealth of experience on businesses of all sizes, Aaron can identify what is that makes a company unique and apply his expertise to help ensure the business succeeds.

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