Shane Knight

Shane Knight

Senior Architectural Technician at Hgp architects

Fareham, UK

I am currently working at HGP Architects as Senior Architectural Technician. My responsibilities include maintaining Revit standards and in house training within commercial/ Retail team and project managing. Within my role I work on front end feasibility studies, looking at the feasibility/ potential of new sites for our clients. These studies are generally completed within short time scales, providing 2D & 3D Revit models for the client. From this stage I take schemes through the entire process, from planning to construction and practical completion. This includes weekly site visits for site inspections and design team/client meetings. I’m a qualified architectural technician with 19 years’ experience working within the retail sector, residential, hospitals, and HMS prison service. I possess excellent technical skills and have the ability to deliver multiple projects at all stages. Specialties: -Revit -AutoCAD -Photoshop -ArchiCAD -Sketch Up

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Level of BIM

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Posted 30.04.2019 by Shane Knight

I see a lot of time is taken in some schemes being modelled all in 3D. I think sometimes need to step back and look at the scheme. Does this need to be modelled or can this be 2D element? Yes understand this is subject to what level of BIM you nee...

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Revit vs ArchiCAD

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Posted 23.04.2019 by Shane Knight

I've been a Revit user for 10+ years, just gone over to help another team out in ArchiCAD. It just seems ArchiCAD is good at planning drawings etc, but doing detailing, it seems hard work. Revit has lot more to offer then ArchiCAD.

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