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bimstore has been working in partnership with one of the world’s leading glass manufacturers, NSG Group and Pilkington, to create an intelligent family of BIM content for their well-renowned Planar glazing system.

The Pilkington Planar™ structural glass system is the original and leading structural glass system in the world. It combines clean aesthetic lines and elegant detailing with strength and structural integrity which has become a favourite of architects.

bimstore were tasked with integrating all supporting components to create one smart BIM object, allowing architects and designers to use the full Pilkington Planar™ system in their projects as part of a parametric family without having to integrate all of the individual components.

The component is completely self-configuring with built-in intelligence that follows the design parameters of the glazing and supports when being designed for a specific façade. The supports that make up the glazed façade are smart enough to know their surroundings, configuring themselves parametrically.

Making the world’s leading structural glazing system available through BIM is a natural step for us.

Complexities are taken away by including an intelligent configuration that provides a warning notification to let architects know if there is an error with the way they have visualised the design.

Ryan Wigham, Content Team Leader at bimstore, commented:“The new Pilkington Planar™ Family will allow designers to get a true representation of the façade design. Architects, in particular, have been requesting a Planar glazing family to be used in their models for some time. We have enjoyed working alongside the Pilkington team to deliver a true representation of a product that has been popular for years.”

Michael Metcalfe, Head of Sales at Pilkington UK, said: "Modern glazing plays a critical role in the built environment - comprising expansive parts of building envelopes, and as a key component in any buildings’ climate control capabilities. Making the world’s leading structural glazing system available through BIM is a natural step for us. It ensures architects have access to the latest technical information for Pilkington Planar™, which they can model alongside other critical building materials to accurately evaluate key structural and performance requirements.”

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