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'Strength you can build on'

The SterlingOSB range is well known in the construction industry, It comprises of several Oriented Strand Board options;

SterlingOSB 2 - is a precision-engineered board perfect for structural use in load-bearing dry conditions.

SterlingOSB 3 - is a precision-engineered board for structural use in load bearing and challenging conditions.

SterlingOSB 3 Tongue & Groove - is a precision-engineered tongued and grooved board for use in flat roof decking and flooring applications. With no knots and voids, you get the same high quality with every single board.

Sterling OSB SiteCoat - has all the benefits of SterlingOSB, with the added advantages of a board created to be the perfect solution for site hoarding.

SterlingOSB Fire Solutions - has been developed specifically in response to the STA (Structural Timber Association) published guidelines for reducing fire spread in large (total floor area >600m2) timber frame buildings during the construction phase when fire resistant finishes (dry lining) are not yet in place.

SterlingOSB BuildBoard - Factory coated and filled on both sides, SterlingOSB BuildBoard is finished with a smooth coating that is easy to paint straight after fixing.

SterlingOSB RoofDek - is a sanded tongued and grooved board designed specifically for flat roof decking and pitched roof applications.

SterlingOSB StrongFix - is an OSB panel designed to be used in dry lining applications. It is simple to fit, highly versatile and ideal for fixing cabinets, radiators, wash basins, railings and other heavy fixtures to stud walls.

This download includes a Revit project file which contains material definitions and standard build ups for the 'Sterling OSB' range;

  • SterlingOSB 3
  • SterlingOSB 3 - Tongue & Groove
  • Sterling OSB SiteCoat
  • SterlingOSB StrongFix
  • SterlingOSB RoofDek
  • SterlingOSB BuildBoard
  • SterlingOSB Fire Solutions

This component is created in Revit 2015 and is in line with 2015 industry standards

Rev2 - Removal of Sterling OSB 2. Product is no longer offered by Norbord.

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