>B< Press Solar Complete System

  • Product: >B< Press Solar - Complete System
  • Product: >B< Press Solar - Complete System
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Features and Benefits:

  • >B< Profile 3 point press ensures a leak free, secure and permanent joint.
  • >B< Press Solar fitting is quick and simple to install, saving time and money.
  • Flame free for ensuring no hot works and on site safety. Available in 15mm to 28mm.
  • >B< Press Solar has a high quality O-Ring material that forms a secure leak free joint when pressed.
  • Manufactured and designed to BS 8537 copper tube press fittings. Available in copper and red brass fittings.
  • >B< Press fittings and press tools are compatible with various press tools and jaws.
  • Designed with a mechanical hexagonal press form which indicates fittings has been secured ensuring no joint rotation.
  • Suitable for use with hard, half-hard and soft copper tubes to EN 1057. Leading edge design ensures the chances of damaging the O-Rings are reduced during assembly.
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