Floren - 50mm Alaska gesinterd

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Based in Brecht, Belgium, Floren.be has successfully undertaken a programme of strategic sustainable investment and has modernised its production methods in order to grow into a highly reputable, innovative brand recognised by designers and house builders throughout Europe and the UK. Floren.be’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its mission to produce high quality products with an extended lifecycle, and to use production methods with a low environmental impact. Produced at its 120-acre site, Floren.be offers a broad spectrum of bricks, consisting of 70 different colours in 8 different sizes with an array of finishes and textures. With its automated production process as well as human craftsmanship, Floren.be has the flexibility to deliver a special touch to outstanding designs which delight acclaimed architects and designers across Europe, realising their concepts into architecture they are truly proud of.

Products are currently manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European Standard with CE norm: EN 771-1. They also comply with BENOR norm: PTV 23-002.

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